Plein Air Landscapes

Painting outdoors (with its fleeting light, wind, and inclement weather) presents entirely new challenges to any artist used to working in the controlled environment of a studio. As an avid hiker who enjoys being outdoors, painting landscapes en plein air comes naturally to me as a kind of meditation: a chance to sit and observe, to  listen, to look, and to express the essence of the present.

This is a selection of a few of my favorites from over the years. Visit my website to see the full collection of plein air landscape paintings and learn more about collecting an original.

Sailing the Columbia River GorgeMt. Hood SunsetMt. HoodView of Cape Falconshort-sands-beachCarson PassSouth of Mt. Adams

Most of these small oil paintings are already framed. Free shipping within USA is also included in the price. Learn more and/or purchase online using paypal or a credit card.


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