Brooke Walker-Knoblich American painter, b. 1982. Classically trained in art from France and Italy with autodidactic studies in impressionism and plein air painting. Raised in Northern California and earned BA in Studio Art from UCSD. Emerging female artist. Original artworks fit within the Contemporary Realism and Narrative Figure Painting oeuvres. Currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

Brooke Walker-Knoblich’s portrait by Kurt Edward Fishback was included in a large collection of photographs of contemporary women artists in their studios.

Oscillations in Classical Realism and Impressionism

I am drawn to the luminous, polished realism of the European Renaissance as well as the colorful, energetic brushwork of the Impressionists. Merging these two aesthetics in my own work has been the focus of my artistic life and career since 2003.”       ~Brooke Walker-Knoblich