Today’s Figure Paintings

I am smitten with the way oil paints glide across the silken surface of mineral paper. With a bit of refined linseed oil to increase gloss and flow, the movement of human form is captured beautifully.

The risk is in overpainting.

When I first started these quick figure sketches I’d set a timer and put the brush down religiously with the alarm. If I didn’t, I’d nit pick all the brushwork away in my attempt at realism, losing the intent of the study to begin with.

As  I’ve continued the practice, though, I can now work without a timer. Or at least I could today.

There’s no predicting the creative process. Sometimes every stroke is gold and other times it doesn’t matter how long you work, you just can’t get it right!

Today was a good day.

The paintbrushes danced and the figures told me what color  palette they wanted.


Phoenix. 6×8″ oil on mineral paper by Brooke Walker-Knoblich
Weight of the World. 6×4″ oil painting on mineral paper by Brooke Walker-Knoblich

There’s a “making-of” video for both paintings on my fb page.

The art videos are recorded in real time to give you a feel for my painting environment and the rhythm of brush strokes. Keeping these paintings open and fresh, feeling the forms rise organically out of abstract chaos is the intent.

The energy of these oil sketches helps balance the polished realism that usually dominates my creative life.

For available oil paintings visit my website. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact me!


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